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Michael, Jr., U.S. surgeon, 1869-1926. See: O'Hara forceps.
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O'Hara He told The Gazette: "Basically my lungs are dying and at some stage I am going to need a lung transplant," he said.
O'Hara uses the technique in her work creating and repairing stained and leaded glass windows.
Maxwell's lavish surroundings are in stark contrast to O'Hara's current situation - he has been languishing in segregation amid claims he threatened another inmate.
O'Hara, 22, entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to a community payback order at Airdrie Sheriff Court on May 4.
But when, in January 1975, a nine man jury at Sharon's inquest recorded a verdict of accidental death by a majority of eight to one - despite the coroner suggesting a manslaughter conclusion - all charges against O'Hara were dropped.
"Since I joined United, it has been everything I expected it to be," said O'Hara yesterday.
Guizo LaNuit is a performance role O'Hara describes as "gender confusion cabaret" or "pathos, music and comedy." She began performing as Guizo in 2002.
(501) O'Hara writes about ambition and the things it makes us do.
The Record understand O'Hara lived in a property near Belfast's Shankill Road for a time.
Malone's biography comes less than a decade after O'Hara's memoir T'is Herself (Simon & Schuster, 2004), written with John Nicoletti, an often querulous, sometimes vindictive volume.
Dr O'Hara, a former All Saints College student, said the team can make a masDr O'Hara, a former All Saints College student, said the team can make a mas-sive difference but sive difference but insisted: "None of us are special, none of us are heroes".
He realised he was being robbed and turned to run for the panic button but slipped and was grabbed by Stowell, 31, and his accomplice O'Hara, 25.