James, Irish surgeon, 1786-1862. See: O'Beirne sphincter.
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For those who don't know what they're missing, "The Capital Gang" was, for 16 and a half years, a CNN Saturday night political talk show chaired recently by The Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt and featuring Mark Shields, also seen on PBS's "The Lehrer News Hour"; Margaret Carlson, recently of TIME magazine; Kate O'Beirne of The National Review; and syndicated columnist Robert Novak.
Of course any nutritionist could tell O'Beirne how one could be overfed and undernourished at the same time, but it will be quite a lot harder to persuade school-lunch customers to reach for an orange instead of a sweetened soda.
Katie O'Beirne, 20, of Windsor Street, Spon End, admitted breaching a community order by failing to attend unpaid work.
Shortly before the last election, in a National Review column titled "Clueless," Kate O'Beirne blamed women's irritating voting habits on ignorance, pointing to surveys showing that women on the whole are less informed about politics than men.
In what is among the first in an expected series of long-range, mostly GOP-based, missiles fired from within the Beltway against New Hampshire's presidential primary, comes this rhetorical rocket from Kate O'Beirne, Washington editor of the National Review, writing in a recent column:
Here's a quick quiz developed by Patrick O'Beirne, changeover consultant and IT expert with Govey, Ireland-based Systems Modeling Ltd.
Money from the cook off, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks, goes for a variety of local service organizations and charities including Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Manna, college scholarships for high school students and junior Rotary clubs, said Mike O'Beirne, the coordinator for Rotary.
On the question of allowing women to serve in the combat arms, American commentator Kate O'Beirne paints a picture of deployments hindered by pregnancies, physical training standards lowered under the euphemism of "gender-norming," fraternisation within the ranks and, most crucially, loss of the intangible military ethos upon which fighting unit cohesion - and hence, success - is so dependent.
Volunteer Ilona O'Beirne claimed donations had not been registered with the charity's Coventry headquarters and also raised concerns about the welfare of children at the orphanage.