Nyquist theorem

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Ny·quist the·o·rem

(nī'kvist thē'ŏ-rĕm)
That a frequency must be sampled at least twice to reproduce it reliably.
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Depending on the sparsity level, the number of basis functions can be dramatically reduced, yielding an effective sampling rate that is significantly below the Nyquist rate for the full bandwidth [37].
The geometric approach is endowed with an inherent advantage in that the sampling points are associated with relevant geometric features (via curvature) and are not imposed arbitrarily at equal intervals determined by the Nyquist rate.
sigma]] by using samples at Nyquist rate and at most m additional Hermite type of data.
Key words and phrases: Nyquist-Landau density, Nyquist rate, multidimensional sampling theorems, bandlimited functions
This is mostly due to a traditional assumption that sampling must be performed at the Nyquist rate, that is, twice the signal bandwidth.