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 [la´be-um] (pl. la´bia) (L.)
lip. adj., adj la´bial.
Female external genitalia. From Applegate, 2000.
labium ma´jus (pl. la´bia majo´ra), an elongated fold in the female, one on either side of the rima pudendi.
labium mi´nus (pl. la´bia mino´ra), the small fold of skin on either side, between the labia majora and the opening of the vagina.
la´bia o´ris the lips of the mouth.
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, pl.


(nim'fă, nim'fē),
One of the labia minora.
[Mod. L., fr. G. nymphē, a bride]
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, pl. nymphae (nim'fă, -fē)
One of the labia minora.
[Mod. L., fr. G. nymphē, a bride]
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Nymphas (pictured below) to be offered at Christie's is the largest of nine surviving pictures he painted in 1906.
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Catullus 64.17, nudato corpore Nymphas, which may well have been Valerius's inspiration here.
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In 2008 one of these Le Bassin aux Nymphas sold at Christie's auction house for almost pounds 41m.
Artistic Amy Philips is to have her design for a replica of Monet's classic Le Bassin aux nymphas, or The Water Lily Pond, built in a park near her home in Burscough, Lancashire.