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A dry fruit with an edible kernel enclosed in a leathery or woody shell, such as almonds or walnuts.

Vox populi
A slang term for
(1) A crazy or eccentric person.
(2) Someone who is enthusiastic about something to a degree bordering on eccentric, as in a “health nut”.
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Nutrition A dry fruit with an edible kernel enclosed in a leathery or woody shell–eg, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, a vegetarian food staple. See Almond, Healthy foods, Walnut Vox populi A kook, a loony.
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a type of fruit with one seed and a hard woody outer layer, the PERICARP, such as the walnut.
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Patient discussion about nut

Q. am allergic to all nuts and seeds, is it possible to be allergic to all legumes as well ie soy beans

A. Yes, it's possible, although not extremely common. You can read more here (

Q. i tend to binge on food and i love nuts!does it pose any health danger if you eat too much of it? i just love spanish peanut and a mixture of cashew,almond & macademia.i eat a lot of it everyday.

A. Binge eating is not very healthy, because you tend to eat a lot of everything without even realizing it, and usually it is not all healthy food. About nuts, peanuts, etc. these contain very high amount of fat, and therefore a 100 grams of nuts is equal to 100 grams of oil! They have about 750 calories per 100 grams in them. No doubt they are healthy and the fat in them is saturated (rich in "good" cholesterol), however eating a lot of it will make you gain weight! You should eat about 6-7 nuts a day and that would be enough, because I assume you consume fat in other ways too (oil in cooking, etc.).

Q. does being allergic to peanuts mean you can’t eat peanuts as a whole nut? Or should you avoid spreads, cookies, cornflakes etc. as well.

A. people allergic to peanuts are, most of the times, a very severely allergic people. it has an astounding reaction that can lead to death because of specks of peanuts in a cookie.

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