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Petray said the impetus behind the development of Natural NutraSweet with Stevia was to explore a range of sweeteners in an effort to broaden consumer choice.
The company also plans to introduce low-calorie NutraSweet with Real Cane Sugar, packed in yellow packets, and featuring only four calories per packet.
NutraSweet welcomed the three-year study by researchers from King's College, south London, saying there was ''overwhelming scientific evidence'' to prove the product was safe.
NutraSweet welcomed the study and said there was "overwhelming scientific evidence" the product was safe.
The three-year research programme will investigate if aspartame - trading as NutraSweet - is responsible for a rise in tumours of the brain.
It's more commonly known by the brand names NutraSweet and Equal.
For the past 10 years the artificial sweetner aspartame - known to millions as Nutrasweet - has been extensively used in "low-calorie" products in the UK.
Use como endulzante, edulcorantes como sobro, nutrasweet y otros semejantes.
Bob Flynn, former CEO of Nutrasweet, has said the benefit of his company's BI program came to around $50 million.
New research in America suggests that aspartame - sold mainly under the brand name NutraSweet - might be behind a 10 per cent rise in brain tumours since it was first introduced in 1983.
Despite the relatively buzz-free art season in NYC this year, there's still the vague sensation elsewhere, like a NutraSweet aftertaste of hierarchy in our increasingly decentralized world, that no art gesture is complete without NYC attention.
Geha wrote me: "The costs of the study were in part defrayed by NutraSweet.