nursing model

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nurs·ing mod·el

a set of abstract and general statements about the concepts that serve to provide a framework for organizing ideas about clients, their environment, health, and nursing.

nurs·ing con·cep·tu·al frame·work

(nŭrs'ing kŏn-sep'shū'ăl frām'wŏrk)
A grouping of related concepts and theories that are of importance to nurses to guide nursing practice, education, and research.
Synonym(s): nursing model.

nursing model

A conceptual model that refers to abstract and general ideas about human beings, their environments and health, and nursing.
See: conceptual models of nursing
See also: model
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From that assessment we formulated a Holistic Nursing Practice Council (HPC) with the express intent to identify strategies and tactics to integrate a holistic nursing model based on holistic theory and evidence based care.
Construction of an innovative nursing model and establishment of a new learning conception.
The constant need to justify our nursing actions and advocate for Claudia has diminished and the nursing model has been accepted.
These practical roots may explain why Orem's nursing model has been openly accepted among American and British nursing groups and is used extensively by health care practitioners (Pearson et al.
Barrett's power enhancement nursing model also emphasizes increasing awareness as a means to facilitate change.
This nursing model, which is taught as part of a graduate Nursing Models and Theories course, views the client as a system in interaction with environmental stressors that may have positive or negative effects.
A study of power and spirituality in polio survivors using the nursing model of Martha E.
The model is derived from Leininger's comparative cultural caring model and Paterson and Zderad's humanistic nursing model By observing differences and similarities among diverse cultures, students learned that the assignment of cultural attributes is an inexact process and should be organized as hints rather than as certainties.
The purposes of this paper are to share work done by the author toward developing and testing a theory of spirituality within Rogers' nursing model and to promote discussion among Rogerian scholars in order to further theory development.
Few ADN programs are based on a nursing model," Barbara states.
The nursing model is essentially holistic and NZNO has strong reservations and concerns about the way in which mental health in particular, has been separated from the other aspects of health in terms of the education and governance of mental health support work," the submission states.

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