nursing model

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nurs·ing mod·el

a set of abstract and general statements about the concepts that serve to provide a framework for organizing ideas about clients, their environment, health, and nursing.

nurs·ing con·cep·tu·al frame·work

(nŭrs'ing kŏn-sep'shū'ăl frām'wŏrk)
A grouping of related concepts and theories that are of importance to nurses to guide nursing practice, education, and research.
Synonym(s): nursing model.

nursing model

A conceptual model that refers to abstract and general ideas about human beings, their environments and health, and nursing.
See: conceptual models of nursing
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The authors believe this nursing model provides such a partnership throughout the continuum of CKD.
Emerging in the United States in the 1960s, the primary nursing model involves patients being allocated to individual nurses (Tiedman & Lookinland, 2004).
The old nursing model, in which nurses predominate over other team members, is no longer (if it ever was) appropriate.
To be successful, the foreign-trained doctors cannot perceive the nursing model, which focuses on patient care and is more holistic, as inferior to the physician model, which focuses on treatment and cure, Dr.
A new behavioral nursing model of MBI allows targeted assessment of distractibility, impulsivity, and irritability as aspects of impaired attention.
Two major concepts of this nursing model include stress and reaction to stress.
Employing a highly differentiated nursing model and 24-hour support services 365-days a year, the SI division positions Pentec as the only provider in the U.
The NP is an advanced nursing role that allows an holistic care approach, incorporating the medical and social nursing model.
With safety and patient convenience as the driver for every design and planning decision, the new tower will integrate patient-focused care delivery concepts such as patient-centric outpatient services, a team nursing model, family-centered care, and a universal care unit.
This initiative represented an opportunity to respond to the changing health care scene by providing a more structured enrolled nursing model of care, that embraced advanced skills and knowledge within a collaborative nursing framework (Milson-Hawke and Higgins 2003).
The representation of our members is predicated on a nursing model.

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