nursing assistant

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nursing assistant

a person trained in basic nursing techniques and direct patient care who practices under the supervision of a registered nurse. Also called certified nursing assistant. See also licensed practical nurse.

nursing assistant



An unlicensed nursing staff member who assists with basic patient care such as giving baths, checking vital signs, bedmaking, and positioning. Nursing assistants usually must complete a training course, including classroom instruction and clinical practice under supervision. Each state regulates nursing assistant practice. Nursing assistants who meet specified federal standards are referred to as certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

geriatric nursing assistant

Abbreviation: GNA
An unlicensed caregiver who provides basic care needs, such as bathing and feeding, to residents in nursing homes or other health care facilities. According to federal regulations, GNAs must successfully complete at least a prescribed training course and register in the state in which they are practicing. Geriatric nursing assistants are a specially trained class of certified nursing assistants. See: nursing assistant
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Of the 100 participants who completed the online questionnaire, 40% response rate; 14 (n=14) indicated their nursing assistant program did not include an oral health care component as part of the curriculum and were therefore excluded from the analysis.
Nursing assistants may not understand the ADL charting questions due to a lack of knowledge of the definitions and what is included in each item.
In 2007 it is responsible for licensing, certifying and disciplining more the 33,000, including registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, advanced practice nurses, certified nursing assistants and certified registered nurses anesthetists; Review the list below for its extensive responsibilities that include approving schools of nursing and nursing assistant training programs.
On the third day, I stayed up in the chair too long and in desperation at the end of a shift asked one of the young nursing assistants to help me move my leg back to bed.
Employees currently enrolled in the Nursing Assistant Training Program are from the housekeeping, laundry, and dietary departments.
However Mr Thomas, representing Cook, said the evidence showed that either he or the nursing assistant might have committed the murder.
A NURSING assistant toasted her retirement with more than 30 colleagues past and present when she bid farewell to Walsgrave Hospital.
Three senior staff and three nursing assistants from the 3 Crossan Drive ward at the Stirlingshire hospital were sent home on full pay after student nurses raised concerns about ill-treatment of patients.
BEING A NURSING assistant in a long-term care facility is one of the most demanding jobs in America, says Cornell gerontologist Karl Pillemer.
Boiling water was poured over 65-year-old Angus Morrison by a nursing assistant who had been told to wash him.

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