Nursing Minimum Data Set

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nursing minimum data set (NMDS)

a minimum set of items of information with uniform definitions and categories concerning the specific dimension of nursing, which meets the information needs of multiple data users in the health care system. It is the first attempt to standardize the collection of essential nursing data.

Nurs·ing Min·i·mum Da·ta Set

(NMDS) (nŭrsing min'i-mŭm dā'tă set)
1. Standardized set of nursing data developed to describe nursing care applicable across diverse clinical practice settings; includes data relating to nursing diagnoses, interventions, outcomes, and intensity of nursing care.
2. Smallest amount of information necessary to define cost and quality of nursing care.

Nursing Minimum Data Set



A standardized set of data identifying essential, common, and core data elements collected in all settings for any patients/clients receiving nursing care. They include the three broad elements of: nursing care, patient or client demographics, and service.
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RESOLVED, that the Iowa Nurses Association supports the American Nurses Association recommendations in use of nationally recognized and approved nursing terminologies within Electronic Health Records for uniform documentation of nursing care elements as defined for the Nursing Minimum Data Set, and be it further
Nursing has identified the key standardized data elements that nurses share from setting to setting within the nursing minimum data set (NMDS, Werley, Devine, Zorn, Ryan, Westra, 1991).
She was a leader in developing the Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS).

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