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city in Germany in which code was established following World War II.
Nuremberg Code - protects the rights of individuals who participate in medical research.
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In addition, several technical conferences were held, including the ninth Nurnburg Congress, which drew over 770 participants from 41 countries.
Johann Georg Strebel, Nurnburg mitten im dreissigjahrigen Krieg [Nuremberg in the Thirty Years War] (Nurnberg: Campe, 1782).
He worked for Allely's International, of Studley, near Redditch, and was due back in the UK yesterday having collected the load from Nurnburg, near Stuttgart.
In the mid 1950s, a little boy wrote to the headquarters of the Muttergenesungswerk, the "convalescent home for mothers," located in Stein bei Nurnburg, West Germany.
It has approved Powerpush use on its Boeing 737s after trials at various locations, and operations have begun in Brussels and Nurnburg.
Beyond the additional motors are the controls and diagnostics essential to keeping the electrically more-complex systems operating properly, for which reason most press makers have partnered with motor suppliers to develop entire systems -- for example, Goss traditionally (but not exclusively) with Rockwell Automation Drives Systems, MAN Roland with Germany's Baumuller Nurnburg and Swiss manufacturer Wifag with SwissSwedish Asea Brown Boveri.
NURNBURG, Germany -- Aonix[R], the provider of the PERC VM product line for embedded targets, announced the first commercial release of its new PERC Pico technology.
Hamburg, Nurnburg, Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, Schalke.
The 38-year-old, who is now retired, also began his career with Velez Sarsfield and moved to the Bundesliga, where he played for Nurnburg and Hamburg.
Misimovic's departure to Nurnburg looks the biggest blow but the club is also benefitting from the arrival of ten new signings.