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city in Germany in which code was established following World War II.
Nuremberg Code - protects the rights of individuals who participate in medical research.
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program's most recent screening term (screening year 4) refractive outcomes determined by the Plusoptix S12 Hand-held Photoscreener (Plusoptix Inc., Nuremburg, Germany) in the children that passed the screening were compared to those that failed; see Table 3.
Born in Nuremburg, Germany, and raised in Montgomery, Ala., Knight is a designer and stylist who says that he loves dining out and listening to music when he's not sewing up his next collection.
Exhibition Centre, Nuremburg, Germany Vincentz Verlag
The Boeing 737 aircraft was carrying 124 people to Rome's Ciampino airport from Nuremburg, Germany. The pilot of the aircraft had reportedly been ordered into a holding pattern by the tower at the airport, and after circling four times he asked why he could not land, noting that the aircraft was using up fuel.
APRIL 9-10 - Ink Makers' Forum, Nuremburg, Germany. More info: Vincentz Verlag, 49 (0) 511 991 0270; fax: 49 (0) 511 99 1 0279.
Michael Ploog Sad England fan from Nuremburg, Germany
The movement for a permanent international criminal court goes back to the Nuremburg, Germany, and Tokyo tribunals, which meted out punishment to war criminals after World War II.
They include events in New York, USA, and Nuremburg, Germany, next February.
At the 1991 IWA Show in Nuremburg, Germany, some of the executives from Colt's Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Conn., were walking down in the street wondering about the popularity and acceptance of their products.