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city in Germany in which code was established following World War II.
Nuremberg Code - protects the rights of individuals who participate in medical research.
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The 20th Nuremberg Turkish-German Film Festival took place March 13-22.
The two contracts cover the five lines that make up the Nuremberg S-Bahn.
Maybe I am not the most neutral person then but there is no question about those days in Nuremberg.
Thomas Schlitt, Messe Nuremberg director for international sales and business development, expressed optimism regarding the result of his visit to the Kingdom.
Launching a war of aggression is a crime that no political or economic situation can justify," said Justice Jackson, the chiefUS prosecutor for the Nuremberg Tribunal.
Cohn goes on to tell the story of a company of English players who appeared in Nuremberg in July 1628.
Well, this is the beginning of a lasting friendship with Whitney, a relationship for more than a decade, with countless exchanges and contacts--with meetings in Germany, in Berlin, in Nuremberg, in St.
The Nuremberg grounds, including 24 towers and an imposing, stepped stage, was designed by the Nazi party's house architect, Albert Speer, but never got completed.
The airline is offering return fares from London City Airport to Nuremberg for GBP109 and above.
Referring to the war crimes trials for captured Nazi officials that took place in Nuremberg after World War II, Bettina Ambach, co-organiser of the conference said: "We will ask the question to what extent the legacy of Nuremberg has been implemented in the international court, which exists today?
Research and development is bundled at the site in Nuremberg, Germany.
Germans are complaining about the rising price of Nuremberg bratwurst, which is made with sheep intestines imported from Iran.