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city in Germany in which code was established following World War II.
Nuremberg Code - protects the rights of individuals who participate in medical research.
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at Nuremberg during 1946-1949 pursuant to Allied Control Council Law No.
If, for sixty years, a single word, Nuremberg, has best captured America's moral authority and commitment to justice, another word now captures the loss of such authority and commitment: Guantanamo.
The four victorious, major powers met in London in the summer of 1945 to develop a charter governing the future International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg.
Even if occasionally the reader might not agree with all of Brockmann's emphases--for instance, the link between pre-National Socialist anti-Semitism, ideas of Germanness, and the idealization of medieval Nuremberg might perhaps deserve more commentary--this book is an excellent contribution to German cultural studies.
There have been other criticisms of using the Nuremberg trials as precedent in modern human rights litigation.
Ms Claudia Gremer, Nuremberg Main Station manager, said,
Nuremberg is bmi regional's seventh destination in Germany.
Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay, won the best film and the best actress awards at the 20th edition of the annual Nuremberg festival, which wrapped up with an awards ceremony on Sunday.
The two contracts are to operate the entire S-Bahn Nuremberg network, covering five rail lines in one of the most prosperous parts of Bavaria, Germany's second most populous state.
Andreas Hergenroether, delegate of German industry of commerce for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, said, "We're happy to invite you to Messe Nuremberg, which showcases different products.
However, says Townsend, in Nuremberg during the days following Germany's surrender, allowing captured German chaplains to intermingle with prisoners who once composed Adolf Hitler's highest echelon was out of the question.