photon density

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pho·ton den·si·ty

the number of counted events recorded in scintigraphy per square centimeter or per square inch of imaged area.
Synonym(s): count density
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Based on the fluctuational theory of nucleation, we have previously obtained [23] estimations of the number density of supercritical nuclei in two limiting cases.
where n is the number density of the nanocrystals (nanocrystals/[cm.
Interval number density operator and its application, Journal of Northeastern University (Natural Science) 33(7): 1043-1046.
With the ALMA observations the team successfully measured the number density of galaxies approximately 10 times darker than the millimeter wave research results up to now.
While little increase in cell number density was observed over a 429-day bioremediation in the Eh range of 179 ~ 362, the decrease of the solution pH was as well observed (Table 1).
The effect of turbulence on soot processes is accounted for by means of source/sink terms added to the soot volume fraction and soot particle number density conservation equations; the two soot quantities solved for in the model of Syed et al.
Thus, a nanocomposite can have a very high number density.
From the observed temperature profiles within mines, the pressure and density of air are calculated by integrating the governing equations for the number density obtained from the hydrostatic equation and the perfect gas law.
1980 Population 1990 Population 2000 Population Tract Number Density Density Density 501.
This provides an accurate determination of the particle number density and volume flux.