photon density

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pho·ton den·si·ty

the number of counted events recorded in scintigraphy per square centimeter or per square inch of imaged area.
Synonym(s): count density
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15] has been employed to evaluate the number density and mobility of charge carriers in PMMA/clay based nanocomposite films.
When a particle number density is too high, local pressure goes up to push neighboring particles away.
The ML-CIRRUS campaign was supported by advanced cirrus forecast products: (a) ECMWF forecasts of meteorological parameters, high (blue), medium (green), and low (red) cloud cover at 1200 UTC 11 Apr 2014, and HALO flight path (yellow) into a warm conveyor belt; (b) WCB trajectories calculated from high-resolution ECMWF forecasts colored with pressure; (c) probability of occurrence of WCB trajectories (colors) and areas with predicted in situ cirrus (blue) and lifted liquid-origin cirrus (red), calculated from the ECMWF ensemble prediction system; and (d) vertical profile of CLAMS ice cirrus forecast of the ice number density along the planned flight track from A to B in (a) on 11 Apr 2014.
where n is the number density of the nanocrystals (nanocrystals/[cm.
The descriptive statistics of the cortical, medullary, and total volumes of the rats' ovaries as well as the number density and total number of the primordial follicles are depicted in table 1.
Interval number density operator and its application, Journal of Northeastern University (Natural Science) 33(7): 1043-1046.
With the ALMA observations the team successfully measured the number density of galaxies approximately 10 times darker than the millimeter wave research results up to now.
The micelle volume fraction [PHI] is expressed in terms of the number density N and micelle volume [V.
Part Number Density Speed Module Type Module Capacity Module Config Voltage Rank Height Width
which shows that the number density of particles and antiparticles vary in a different way with respect to temperature.
For flows with a low particle number density, a volumetric particle tracking velocimetry algorithm is employed.
Vascularity was determined for mammary tissue with the following measurements taken: the cross-sectional capillary area density (CAD, total capillary area as a proportion of tissue area), capillary number density (CND, total number of capillaries per unit of tissue area), and capillary surface density (CSD, total capillary circumference per unit of tissue area).