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Both a long-distance proxy as well as a vote shall remain null and void as a consequence of the disposal of the shares which entitle attendance of which the Company becomes aware.
Talking to newsmen in Lahore he said we respect verdict of the Tribunal but have reservations about the basis on which the election has been declared null and void.
The statement released after the Insani Huqooq Ittehad (IHI), a voluntary network of Civil society organizations and individuals meeting here said that declaring elections null and void in constituencies where women were not allowed to cast their votes through written and verbal agreements was the old demand of civil society and human rights defenders.
Null and Void is published by Pocket Books price pounds 6.
But after days of anxious waiting, the bookies declared the match null and void, and paid out.
22 by the hospital board states that Antelope Valley Hospital wishes to avoid further controversy and litigation and is declaring its appraisal and offer to acquire the Palmdale hospital site null and void.
The statute states that any provision in a lease purporting to waive a provision of this stature is null and void.
The statement of claim reads, "The plaintiffs state that as a result of the non-compliance with the Mining Act, the leases and patents are null and void, or should be declared invalid or forfeited such that the applications to record of the plaintiffs .
If RCAI does not repurchase all of the Notes by March 30, 2007, then the repurchase agreement becomes null and void, and the original agreement with the investors will continue to stand.
According to the media reports, the election tribunal's ruling that declared the election on NA-122 null and void stated that 23,000 ballot papers neither bore official stamp by the polling staff nor did they carry their signatures.
The tribunal, headed by Justice Javed Rashid Mahboobi, declared NA-125 and PP-155 results null and void.
In the order, the apex court termed the appointment of the current DG CAA as null and void saying, "The appointment of Air Martial (retd) Khalid Chaudhry dated 18th July, 2012 is declared illegal, void and of no legal consequences.