Jean Pierre, Belgian ophthalmologist and otologist, 1847-1920. See: Nuel space.
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The sermons consist largely of a detailed allegorical and, to a lesser extent, moral exegesis of the biblical text, drawing on etymology, typology, and long extended metaphors to reveal `le duz nuel ki atapist suz la dure escorce de la lettre'.
Today, Le Meridien will launch an array of new and innovative programmes curated by Le Meridien Hotel's Cultural Curator Jerome Sans, at Le Meridien's first hotel, Le Meridien Etoile, newly renovated by designer Jean Philippe Nuel.
Awka: Nuel Centi Publishers and Academic Press Ltd.
The money raised from the event will be split between Kirkwood Hospice, Dalton, and Emma- nuel Church at Shelley.
Ross, Precision response estimation, energy calibration, and unfolding of spectra measured with a large NaI detector, Nuel.
Opening this month and located a stone's throw from Porte Maillot Parisian Congress Center and next to the exclusive Paris Country Club, this sophisticated new hotel features Anglo-Norman architecture complemented by modern and sophisticated decor and inspired by the Feng-Shui philosophy, designed by world famous architect Jean-Philippe Nuel.
y n on But Dawson pointed to a last-gasp strike from Mousa Dembele in Lyon that saw Spurs through and Emmanuel a usa saw nuel Adebayor's goal that rescued them at Inter Milan as testament to the character of the team.
8) Deeper exploration of the material discussed here is to be found in Nuel Belnap, "Double time references: Speech-act reports as modalities in an indeterminist setting," in Advances in Modal Logic, vol.
A more adequate theory, branching space-times, is explored by Belnap in the carelessly named "Branching Space-time" and in several later publications by Belnap, Thomas Muller, Tomasz Placek, and others, all of which are listed as references in Tomasz Placek and Nuel Belnap, "Indeterminism is a Modal Notion: Branching Spacetimes and Earman's Pruning," Synthese, forthcoming.
Correspondence to: Nuel Beinap, Department of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, 15260.
This hotel s striking design by Jean-Philippe Nuel, its location in the heart of the Gare du Midi railway station and its ground-breaking technologies, guarantee guests a vibrant, cosmopolitan and in style stay.
The hotel s interior is entirely the work of designer Jean-Philippe Nuel and features a setting in which work and relaxation are definitely not incompatible.