nucleoside triphosphate

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nu·cle·o·side tri·phos·phate

a nucleoside in which the H of one of the ribose hydroxyls (usually the 5') is replaced by a triphosphoric group, -PO(OH)-O-PO(OH)-O-PO(OH)2 or the corresponding conjugate base, for example, adenosine triphosphate.
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The early work at Lensfield Road focused on chemically adapting fluorescently tagged nucleotide triphosphates so that they could be incorporated one at a time with complete chemical control (Fig.
VisiGen is developing a real-time single molecule sequencing technology in which polymerase and nucleotide triphosphates act together as direct moleoalar sensors of DNA base identity.
VisiGen's approach involves engineering both polymerase and nucleotide triphosphates to act together as direct molecular sensors of DNA base identity in real-time.

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