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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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Nuclear subs are used primarily by the United States and Russia to carry missiles that can attack the other country and that cannot be destroyed by the other because they cannot be found in the vast expanse of the world's oceans.
The first of the four nuclear subs being built in collaboration with France will be operational by 2016.
In 2000 the giant nuclear sub sank and over a hundred men struggled to survive as the Russian Navy failed to acknowledge their plight.
The submarine's role in the world wars is well known, as is the inauguration of the nuclear sub. The development during the 1960s of a new class of submarine that could fire the Polaris ballistic missile intensified the Cold War but kept the peace.
Torbay, a nuclear sub, is in town, and there are fears it could be involved in a nuclear accident.
9, 2001 after it was struck from below by the 6,080-ton nuclear sub Greeneville off Hawaii as the sub performed a rapid-surfacing drill for civilian guests aboard.
9, the 499-ton Ehime Maru was struck by the 6,080-ton submarine Greeneville while the nuclear sub was conducting an emergency-surfacing maneuver for its civilian visitors.
According to The Sunday Times, the 280-foot British nuclear sub Tireless came within "a few minutes" of a reactor meltdown when its coolant system sprang a leak while on patrol off Sicily last summer.
It's 1986, days before the Ronald Reagan-Mikhail Gorbachev Iceland summit, and a Soviet nuclear sub silently swims through the western Atlantic.
BY NEIL LANCEFIELD A NUCLEAR sub had a near-miss with a ferry travelling from Northern Ireland to Scotland, it emerged last night.
It began with the premise of a radioactive leak from a nuclear sub and an emergency headquarters was set up in the Sasebo city hall, with police cars and city campaign vehicles driving around calling on residents to evacuate.