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1 (in psychology) a family therapist who lets a family in therapy take the lead and then follows in that direction.
2 (in radiology) a cubicle in which radioisotopes are artificially produced.

reactor (rēak´tur),

n an apparatus in which nuclear fission may be sustained in a self-supporting reaction at a controlled rate.


an animal that reacts positively to a particular test.

false positive reactor
an animal that does not have the subject disease but reacts positively to a test for it.
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In this report, we present the upcoming nuclear reactors that are planned for construction in several countries, and the estimated power generation and current consumption trends in the market.
The authority, while vowing to take responsibility for the safety of nuclear reactors, also noted that the government needs to decide which reactors are restarted.
Nishikawa said he approved the decision to restart nuclear reactors after he had been assured of government's safety efforts, adding that the agreement was reached to "help stabilize livelihoods and industry.
SIR - Your correspondent Nigel Baker is quite wrong to suggest that a thorium nuclear reactor would need Uranium 233 (Letters, June 22).
Dubai Emerging countries around the world are banking on a raft of new nuclear reactor power plants to meet world electricity demand expected to double to 33,000TWh [terawatt-hours] by 2030, said Dr Robert Hawley, a speaker at the Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai.
The nuclear reactors are based on thermal heavy water technology.
Coopers analysis of more than three dozen cost estimates for proposed new nuclear reactors shows that the projected price tags for the plants have quadrupled since the start of the industry's so-called "Nuclear Renaissance" at the beginning of this decade, a striking parallel to the eventually sevenfold increase in reactor cost estimates that doomed the "Great Bandwagon Market" of the 1960s and 1970s, when half of the planned reactors had to be abandoned or canceled due to massive cost overruns.
Situated on 2,900 acres in the Simi Hills above Chatsworth, West Hills and Simi Valley, the field lab was established in the 1940s to develop rocket engines and nuclear reactors for electricity.
Nuclear reactors routinely emit radioactive materials, including the fat-soluble noble gases xenon, krypton, and argon.
The Bush administration formerly ridiculed the Clinton administration for promising North Korea light-water nuclear reactors to produce electricity (a 1994 agreement that fell apart when it became obvious that Pyongyang was continuing a clandestine nuclear weapons program).
The process of turning uranium into fuel for nuclear reactors can be easily modified to produce uranium for nuclear bombs.
The enriched UF6 is then converted to uranium dioxide, or UO2, which is packaged in the fuel bundles used in nuclear reactors.

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