nuclear reaction

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nu·cle·ar re·ac·tion

the interaction of two atomic nuclei or of one such with a subatomic particle, or of the subatomic particles within an atomic nucleus, resulting in a change in the nature of the nuclei concerned or in the energy content of the nuclei or both, usually manifested by transmutation (accompanied by emission of alpha-, beta-, and/or gamma-rays) or by fission or fusion of the nuclei.
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The nuclear reaction cross sections are of considerable importance in optimizing the production process of a radioisotope.
But a closer inspection reveals grain boundaries that can trap freed electrons, which means one would not see a current pulse to indicate a nuclear reaction in the detector, explained McGinnis.
To trigger a nuclear reaction inside a reactor, a speeding neutron collides with the nucleus of a uranium atom.
Boyd describes neutrinos as the key to scientists' understanding of the nuclear reactions that take place in stars.
Although the experimental results conflict with accepted theory, Storms says, they "strongly support the conclusion that a new class of phenomena, which I call chemically assisted nuclear reactions, has been discovered.
Element number 114 is now officially known as flerovium (symbol F1), after the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions in Russia.
The volume is divided into sections covering general concepts and theory, nuclear fission, broad application reactor technology, gen IV reactor technology, thermonuclear fusion, low-energy nuclear reactions and advanced concepts, and individual entries cover such topics as the history of nuclear energy operations, the uranium-plutonium nuclear fuel cycle, hydrogeology and nuclear energy, supercritical water reactors, safety and environmental advances and transmutation in low energy nuclear reactions.
Jacobsen, who is a contributing editor and investigative reporter at the <em>Los Angeles Times</em> Magazine, has talked about Area 51 which has dealt with testing nuclear reactions to constructing supersonic aircrafts.
In: Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and New Energy Technologies Sourcebook, v.
Elaborating on the achievement, Sari mentioned that the same reaction used in the scientific research takes place in nuclear reactions on stars, including the Sun.
Editors Marwan, a chemist based in Germany, and California-based Krivit (editor, New Energy Times) begin with an introduction to the terminology and a history of this controversial field, which they state was labelled erroneously as "cold fusion" when introduced in 1989, but is more accurately identified as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), in the field of condensed matter nuclear science.

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