Nuclear Cloning

Cloning—e.g., by somatic cell nuclear transfer—to either create an entire organism—reproductive cloning—or generate an embryonic stem cell line—therapeutic cloning
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The conference, entitled "The Ongoing Promises and Challenges of Biotherapeutics," will address technological challenges, recent innovations, and opportunities in three broad areas: optimizing biomolecules for therapeutic effect, improving therapeutic biomolecule production and formulation, and the promise of stem cell and nuclear cloning technologies to yield new ways to treat and cure diseases.
We believe attempts to clone human beings at a time when the scientific issues of nuclear cloning have not been clarified are dangerous and irresponsible.
Federal legislation should be enacted to prohibit anyone from attempting, whether in a research or clinical setting, to create a child through somatic cell nuclear cloning.
Research on nuclear cloning of cattle and embryonic stem cells of the pig, sheep and cow;
Studies designed to transplant embryonic or adult nuclei into an enucleated egg, including nuclear cloning, in order to duplicate a genome or to increase the number of embryos with the same genotype, with transfer.

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