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The paramedic said that when he noticed Mrs Williams coughing violently he stopped injecting the Nubain, leaving half in a syringe, and injected an antidote.
He suspected Mrs Williams was suffering a severe asthma attack and did not want the Nubain to have any effect on her breathing.
He alleged that the paramedic mistakenly injected the remaining half of the Nubain instead of the antidote.
Police later investigated and interviewed 31-year-old Mr Lewis at length but they could find no evidence he had mistakenly injected the rest of the Nubain.
The Nubain helps her rest, and I sit on the bed beside her as she sleeps, with my hand resting on the small of her back.
The Nubain has helped her through to eight centimeters by the time the sun rises, but it bothers me.
GWENT: Drug users in the area are being warned of the dangers of a heroin substitute called Nubain which is potentially fatal and has become increasingly popular in the area.
For the study, 48 men and women in their 20s who were having at least one wisdom tooth removed - all by the same oral surgeon - took one of two kappa-opioids, which are marketed as Nubain and Stadol.
The kit, supplied by Banyan International, contains Atropine, Bretylium, Diazepam, Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Lasix, Carcan, Nubain and Phenergan.
The mom was given a second injection of Nubain at 10:30 PM as she was having difficulty staying on top of the contractions.
As well as the cocaine, a small trace of Prozac and larger quantities of ephedrine, a stimulant, and Nubain, an analgesic, were also found.