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I wanted the Novocain to last 12 or 24 hours because the medic said it'd be easier to ride with the stitches in.
(124.) For example, it should be presumed that an individual who needs to have a cavity filled in by a dentist should have the option to undergo the procedure with Novocain. If the government wanted to restrict this option, it would have the burden of proving a compelling anti-Novocain interest.
For example, Gore Vidal is quoted as saying, "An hour with a dentist without Novocain was like a minute with Carson McCullers." (Savigneau 91).
Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal?
He was receiving about 12 different drugs a day to combat his intense back pain - high doses of the local anaesthetic Novocain, codeine and most worrying of all, the heroin substitute methadone.
One buck in particular, a senior citizen 8-point, acted like he'd had Novocain injected into his brain.
Finally, there are the legions of pundits, pun-heads, pun pals, pun-up girls, and pun-gents who tell of the Buddhist who said to the hot dog vendor, "Make me one with everything." That's the same Buddhist who never took Novocain when he had teeth extracted because he wished to transcend dental medication.
It was 1905, a year when the anesthetic novocain was introduced, Albert Einstein was working on the theory of relativity and Ty Cobb made his professional baseball debut with the Detroit Tigers.
When the 3Y Theory presented itself, I was under the influence of certain drugs and was engaged in a conscious effort to "go to my happy place." I was getting a root canal, and the dentist had pumped enough Novocain into my gums and the roof of my mouth to numb every cell on the left side of my brain.
The imagery of detumescence and castration is unmistakable, but one should also note how the femme fatale hilariously reduces Stahn from a tough-talking detective (now more scrambled than hard-boiled) to the equivalent of an Elmer Fudd numbed with Novocain: