NovoPen 3

NovoPen® 3

Endocrinology An insulin delivery system for injecting 2 to 70 units of various insulin formulations. See Diabetes mellitus.
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The company also received FDA clearance this year for NovoPen PenMate, a durable automatic needle-insertion device developed for users of NovoPen 3 insulin-delivery systems.
Novo Nordisk's full range of insulin delivery systems is also available, including the NovoPen 3 insulin delivery system; InDuo, the first combined blood glucose monitoring and insulin dosing system, and Innovo insulin doser.
Among its products are Novolin human insulin (recombinant DNA origin), NovoPen 3, Novolin Prefilled and NovoFine 30 disposable needles.
In January 1998, Novo Nordisk debuted the NovoPen 3 insulin delivery system which has the same mechanism and can provide the same benefits as the company's Novolin Prefilled and NovoPen 1.5 pens.