Notoedres cati

No·to·ed·res cat·i

(nō-tō-ed'rēz kā'tī),
Sarcoptic mange mite of cats.


a genus of mange mites in the family Sarcoptidae.

Notoedres cati
causes notoedric mange in cats and occasionally rabbits.
Notoedres douglassi
occurs in gray squirrels; causes severe dermatitis in koalas and bandicoots in captivity.
Notoedres muris
causes ear mange in rats.
Notoedres oudemansi
found on rats.
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Treatment of Notoedres cati var cuniculi infections in naturally infested conventional research rabits using invermacti.
Sarcoptes scabiei, Notoedres cati, Demodex cuniculi
Feline notoedric acariasis (feline mange) is a highly contagious, intensely pruritic, transmissible skin disease caused by the burrowing epidermal mite Notoedres cati and was first detected by Hering in 1838.
Examination of skin scraping revealed mites that were identified based on their shape and the presence of dorsal anus as Notoedres cati (Walker, 1994) (Fig.