Notoedres cati

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No·to·ed·res cat·i

(nō-tō-ed'rēz kā'tī),
Sarcoptic mange mite of cats.
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"[Another] typically southern external parasite would be feline scabies (Notoedres cati) or the fur mite."
Notoedres cati has been known as feline parasite for several centuries.
Sarcoptidae * Notoedres cati * Felines These mites are (worldwide) burrowing mites with a life cycle similar to Sarcoptes scabiei.
In the first group, various mites such as Demodex, Otodectes, Notoedres and Sarcoptes are present for which there is no need for a long-lasting protection as treatment is done mostly after confirmatory diagnosis by skin scraping examination.
Mites that cause problems in cats are Demodex cati, Demodex gatoi, Notoedres call (feline scabies), Cheyletiella and Otodectes (ear mites).
Treatment of Notoedres cati var cuniculi infections in naturally infested conventional research rabits using invermacti.
Feline notoedric acariasis (feline mange) is a highly contagious, intensely pruritic, transmissible skin disease caused by the burrowing epidermal mite Notoedres cati and was first detected by Hering in 1838.