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A line at which a surface terminates.
See also: border, margin.


Etymology: ME, egge
1 a thin side or border.
2 the end of a surface, e.g., the edge of a cliff.


A margin or border.

bevel edge

A tooth edge produced by beveling.

cutting edge

An angled or sharpened edge for cutting, as an incisor tooth or the blade of a knife.

denture edge

The margin or border of a denture.

incisal edge

The sharpened edge of a tooth produced by occlusal wear; the labiolingual margin.


Line at which surface terminates.
See also: border, margin
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The design concept of the Galaxy Note Edge makes everyday tasks and multitasking easier and more efficient, echoing Samsung's consumer-centric approach that catapulted the Note to success.
Note Edge is not for mass market and it will be available in limited quantity at a premium price, explained Yassine but didn't disclose its price.
So, it will have all the panels from the Note Edge including Yahoo
Since Note Edge being almost identical to the Note 4, Popal said this device is essentially competing with other Samsung devices -- It will mainly attract consumers that were already decided on purchasing a Samsung device.
The latest entrants - Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and Samsung Note Edge - are the best examples.
Cellular, we are focused on providing the latest, cutting-edge devices for our customers, and the Galaxy Note Edge is like nothing we have ever seen before," said Joe Settimi, vice president of marketing for U.
Taking advantage of the Note Edge's very high resolution screen, Samsung launched the Gear VR, a pair of goggles that attach to the Note Edge and turn the phone into a head-mounted virtual reality display similar to the Oculus Rift device that Facebook spent $US2 billion ($2.
The rumors also suggest that Samsung is working on the successor to its Galaxy Note Edge smartphone.
With unlimited talk, text and data on America s fastest 4G LTE network, T-Mobile is the only place that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge customers can get the Simple Choice plan with no annual service contracts, no domestic overages, Music Freedom and Wi-Fi Un-leashed .
Samsung first experimented with a curved display on its smartphones when it launched the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014, and the curved screen became more mainstream in 2015 with the Galaxy S6.
The Note Edge is expected to arrive in India soon with a heavy price tag and it features similar hardware specs as the Note 4.
Samsung Electronics today announced the expansion of its flagship Galaxy Note series with the new Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.