Nose Powder

A regional term for cocaine
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This is understandable, given Havers is not yet in his stage gear, nor has he had his nose powdered ready for that evening's performance of the comedy of marriage and manners from writer Nick Fisher.
Brilliant satire on the Britpop generation, as increasingly desperate A&R man Steven Stelfox resorts to murder to shore up his failing career and keep his nose powdered. It hits all the right notes.
After years serving as a mobile home for Europe's worst tyrant of the 1980s, this bus is now the main make-up trailer for Castel Film Studios, one of two production companies that in the last decade have helped transform Romania from an audio-visual wasteland into a preferred destination for Hollywood's "runaway production." Elizabeth Hurley's autograph decorates one wall, and Nicole Kidman got her nose powdered here during the shoot for Cold Mountain.
Indeed, we gave the multicolored skatepark its first working over, Corpsy got his nose powdered by a cute MTV intern, Joey bought a big-ass Aztec sacrifice knife, and Burnett and I splurged g on room service on our last night in town.
As he sat in the make-up room at CBS before taping the segment for "Nightwatch' about the homeless, the woman who was powdering his nose whispered, "When you run for president, "I'm going to vote for you.' If he can't even get his nose powdered without "Hail to the Chief' playing faintly in the background, you have to wonder: just how long a long shot can he be?