Norwalk agent

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Nor·walk a·gent

a strain of epidemic gastroenteritis virus that belongs to the calciviruses.
[Norwalk, Ohio, where first implicated in disease]
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Norwalk agent(s)

Montgomery County virus, Norwalk virus Virology Any of a group of 27 nm parvoviruses–single-stranded DNA viruses of the Caliciviridae family, which cause 'winter vomiting disease', first described in Norwalk, Ohio, incriminated in up to 40% of nonbacterial epidemic gastroenteritis in the US and a frequent cause of traveler's diarrhea Epidemiology NAs are transmitted in an oral-fecal fashion–exposure to recreational swimming water, ingestion of raw shellfish, cake-frosting, stored water on cruise ships, etc Clinical After a 1-2 day incubation, it may present explosively, often accompanied by N&V, abdominal cramping, anorexia, malaise, myalgia; NA is difficult to identify–it doesn't grow in cell culture; there are no animal models Prognosis Spontaneous resolution without sequelae. See Gastroenteritis.
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city in Ohio where the agent was first identified.
Norwalk agent - a calicivirus that is responsible for over half the reported cases of epidemic viral gastroenteropathy.
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