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U.F., U.S. obstetrician. See: Norton operation.


Larry, 20th-century U.S. oncologist. See: Norton-Simon hypothesis.
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The maiden lady is a Miss Norton, rich, cultivated, and kind.
Then he turned away and walked towards the door of the hovel, but it was not till he got there that he stood still, and, turning his shoulder half-round towards her, said, "Aw, I can show you the way to Norton, if you like.
Norton, I met with a court chaplain, who was looking on at a party playing at skittles, and an old servant who named me, bursting into tears, and who was as near and as certainly killing me by his fidelity as another might have been by treachery.
This Godfrey Norton was evidently an important factor in the matter.
She would say,' said Rutherford, slowly: '"I know you love me, and I know I can trust you, and I haven't the slightest objection to your telling Miss Norton the truth about her eyes.
Another fellow, Norton, could not go to Oxford unless he got one of the scholarships at the disposal of the school.
Lowell a paper on recent Italian comedy for the North American Review, which he and Professor Norton had then begun to edit.
Every acre of Queen's Norton is mortgaged, and I'm shot if I can see how we're going to pay the interest.
There's Norton and Hamilton; come on and meet them.
About three miles from the little town of Norton, in Missouri, on the road leading to Maysville, stands an old house that was last occupied by a family named Harding.
This first tragedy was written by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset.
A direct imitation of Seneca, famous as the first tragedy in English on classical lines, was the 'Gorboduc, or Ferrex and Porrex,' of Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, acted in 1562.

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