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(nôr′thrəp), John Howard 1891-1987.
American biochemist. He shared a 1946 Nobel Prize for discovering methods of producing pure enzymes and virus proteins.
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Northrup, from Western Kentucky University in the USA, was addressing dozens of regional media professionals on the opening day of the 10th annual Middle East Conference of the World Association of Newspaper and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in Dubai.
To his credit, Northrup rejects the easy and fashionable narratives that view the globalization of English as a worldwide cultural disaster and the success of English as one more instance of the West's cultural imperialism.
Although Northrup does not include activities on how you could use the book in the classroom, she does include what types of children will like each book and, for some books, she adds what subjects the books align with in the school's curriculum.
Warrior's scholarly commitment is no different than the ethics evident in the literary nonfiction of Northrup, King, and Smith.
That was a tough decision," father Bill Northrup recalled recently in the living room of the family's modest home off Royal Avenue.
Northrup accepted, but it turned out Scruggs never received authorization from Venezuela for the agreement.
Northrup, a corrections nurse for nearly 20 years, joined a 14-member panel of nursing colleagues from across the nation to publish an updated set of guidelines to provide direction for nurses entering this specialized vocation.
Northrup, from Boston, USA, was held up at gun point at his hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona.
Northrup starts with a quick recap of the events that triggered Sarbanes-Oxley, most importantly the collapse of Enron and its auditor, Arthur Andersen.
Northrup makes it clear his comments are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer.
Tony Northrup and Eric Faulkner's Home Hacking Projects For Geeks (0596004052, $29.
Christiane Northrup and Rabbi Harold Kushner, to Dr.
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