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(nôr′thrəp), John Howard 1891-1987.
American biochemist. He shared a 1946 Nobel Prize for discovering methods of producing pure enzymes and virus proteins.
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Northrop plans to demonstrate the 100 kW laser by year's end, said Dan Wildt, the company's business development director of directed-energy systems.
With a lot of contemplation and a good deal of common sense, Dilenno and Northrop thought through this problem.
Northrop Grumman's teammate, Boeing Electronic Systems Missile Defense, Anaheim, Calif.
Well, the problem is that the ZSR-62 doesn't do what Northrop said it would--one insider says it "doesn't work worth a damn.
Cross-certification with CertiPath constitutes a key milestone for Northrop Grumman, which streamlined multiple policies and security procedures in order to meet the CertiPath policies for cross-certification.
I am very pleased to welcome Tony to the executive team of Northrop Grumman Australia," Irving said.
The Guardian uses about as much electricity as a handheld hair dryer and can be installed on a commercial plane within 9 1/2 minutes, said Jack Pledger, director of Infrared Countermeasures Business Development at Northrop.
In an interview, Northrop chief executive Kent Kresa called the bid "a very fair offer," but TRW labeled it low and "regrettable," coming just days after its chief executive announced his departure, news that had pushed the company's stock down.
The Northrop Grumman annual Supplier Excellence Award is reflective of Telcordia's constant pursuit of excellence and exemplary standards and is a testament to the people, innovative solutions and delivery capability of Telcordia," said Adam Drobot, President and CTO, Advanced Technology Solutions, Telcordia.
In the document in which it explained to both companies why Northrop Grumman's bid was superior, the Air Force concluded that Northrop Grumman was better able to transfer fuel to other aircraft -- and receive fuel from other tankers -- than Boeing, earning Northrop Grumman a clear win in this vital evaluation category.
The production aircrafts' sensors have been improved over the early planes, Northrop Grumman officials said.
1 million contract, performed over a one-year period, Nallatech's field application engineers and technical specialists supported Northrop Grumman Space Technology systems engineers in creating an FPGA platform that provided the ideal test-bed for their satellite applications.
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