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Richard, English physiologist, 1830-1916. See: Norris corpuscles.
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He worked as a farmer and as a postal clerk for the Norris City Post Office.
The vehicle's keys were taken during a burglary that Norris admitted committing.
Tracy's insight and industry knowledge will help us advance Baker Norris, encourage increased demand for our solutions and drive growth across our entire service offering.
Norris reacted quickly, maintaining her composure, and immediately grabbed her pellet gun.
com/news-politics/newsmakers/201408/richard-norris) HERE to see the before and after photos of Norris, including his GQ cover from the magazine's official Web site.
Norris won a thrilling last-four clash with Dutchman Jan Dekker after top seed Bunting crushed Robbie Green 6-1 at the Lakeside.
The Missouri-based business, which operates under the Norris Quarries name, has 19 plots across the state with permitted limestone reserves of over 110m tonnes, Summit Materials said without specifying the sum of the deal.
Details of the case involving Norris' ex-lover Ezra Nawi are contained in a speech Norris made in the Seanad on June 3, 1993.
Norris is best known in Ireland for driving a stake into laws criminalizing homosexuality.
When voters were quizzed on which of the seven hopefuls they would back, Senator norris led the way at 21 per cent.
I first met Norris and Norman in 1990 when Norman and I participated in a Hemingway conference at Harvard and Norman was the keynote speaker.
Ezra Nawai, who dated the senator for 30 years, was found guilty of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy in 1992 - right in the middle of his relationship with Mr Norris.