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Richard, English physiologist, 1830-1916. See: Norris corpuscles.
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EC3 Brokers US has expanded with the appointments of James Norris as chief actuary and Terry Holley as senior vice president.
Norrisreturned with a bang, as Mary accused his fiancee Freda of murdering him - only for Norris to turn up in a taxi during the pair's slanging match.
Norris reveals that he needs a divorce because he and Freda are engaged.
As she runs out of the house hysterical, a car pulls up and out gets Norris - and he has a shock for his wife when he reveals that he and Freda are engaged and he wants a divorce so he can marry her.
Every farm needs some income, and so the early Norris' produced cash crops of oats, corn, hemp, hay, and livestock.
"During his sentence, Norris had successfully completed courses to address domestic violence, healthy relationships and substance misuse.
Norris will partner Carlos Sainz, a driver with more than 80 grands prix under his belt, in a new-look line-up for the struggling McLaren team.
"I think in a small business it's best to make sure that you get your hands dirty in every single department to know how to efficiently operate a business of our size," says Norris, 32.
Norris admitted charges last month of breaching bail by going to the bar on September 16 and assaulting Ms Sneddon on May 29 at the bar, aggravated by abuse of a partner or ex-partner.
Englishman Norris, who only turns 19 in November, will follow in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton by joining Britain's most successful team as a rookie next season.