standard score

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stan·dard score

a statistically referenced or derived score representing the deviation of a raw score from its mean in standard deviation units.
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When Tom's bloods were initially taken, he came back with a white cell count of 1.2 - with a normal score being between 5-7 and a platelet count of 38,000 with anything below 100,000 officially diagnosed as sepsis.
We found 9(5%) children had GCS<8 while 56 (32%) children had GCS between 8 and 15 while 110 (63%) had normal score. Signs of meningeal irritation were seen in 101 (58%) while focal signs were observed only in 7(4%) and irritability was seen in 38% cases.CSF count was raised more than 100 cells in 45 (27%) cases while 92 (53%) patients had between 50-100 cells and 37 (20%) had between 10-50 cells.
US President Donald Trump had a normal score on a cognitive exam and is in excellent health, although he could benefit from a lower-fat diet and more exercise, the White House physician said on Tuesday.
Secondly, we used a normal score conjunction with packet size features to produce a better threshold mechanism.
A normal score was 0-10; mild depression = 11-16; 17-20 requires counseling; 21-30 = moderately depression; 31-40 = severe depression; and 40 or more = very severe depression.
The RCA scores range from 0-10, with 0-5 suggesting dementia, 6-7 mild cognitive impairment, and 8-10 a normal score. The older adult should be encouraged to discuss their scores with their health care provider and whether further evaluation is needed.
Mild and above depression was significantly associated with poor glycemic control compared to normal score on depression rating scale ([chi square] = 40.54, P < 0.0001).
The reference normal score used for each outcome measure was not intended to imply a maximal score.
"Nil-nil is an absolutely normal score. You will find a way if you are patient enough to wait for the next situation and not think 'This is like last week, last year'." Klopp has wiped the slate clean with the players he inherited from Rodgers, giving everyone a chance to prove their worth to him as he moulds his Liverpool side.
A blood test showed how bad things were - between seven and nine is a normal score for a heart attack and her score was more than 48.
By the three illustrations, this study suggests that the lognormal score can be applied well when the ordinal categorical data is skewed, and the normal score may be used when the data is relatively balanced among categories.
In our study, no respondents had an SF-6D utility of 1.0, and the skewness of 0.11 reflects the near normal score distribution.