standard score

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stan·dard score

a statistically referenced or derived score representing the deviation of a raw score from its mean in standard deviation units.
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US President Donald Trump had a normal score on a cognitive exam and is in excellent health, although he could benefit from a lower-fat diet and more exercise, the White House physician said on Tuesday.
A normal score was 0-10; mild depression = 11-16; 17-20 requires counseling; 21-30 = moderately depression; 31-40 = severe depression; and 40 or more = very severe depression.
A blood test showed how bad things were - between seven and nine is a normal score for a heart attack and her score was more than 48.
Although VIQ scores were higher than PIQ scores, both were lower than the normal score of 90 points (Table 3).
The A673T mutation also appeared to be predictive of having a normal score on a cognitive performance scale (OR, 7.
1) (1,2) 30 = Maximum score >25 = Normal score Moderate 21-24 = Mild impairment impairment 10-20 = Moderate impairment [less than or equal to] 9 = Severe impairment Tinetti The Tinetti POMA is used to 9/28 Performance assess for balance and gait Oriented dysfunction; the test can Mobility provide 3 separate scores: High fall risk Assessment balance, gait, and total (POMA) (3) score.
The percentage of the first class was 69% that is the average and normal score for a level D class.
But scores on the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) for noncarrier siblings of these volunteers "have remained very clearly at 30," which is a normal score, Dr.
In this article a practical example is considered where an outlier is detected using normal score and an outlier with the largest absolute normal score is removed first from the data set and the process is repeated until no more outliers are detected.
Officials changed the earlier three-rounds rule of one club length to the normal score card width.
1) Transform the sample data values of SOC into standard normal data using a normal score transformation.
John Luk Jock and his backups will not be pardoned under normal score of simple manner by the Unity state citizens.