normal saline

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normal saline

physiological saline solution.

normal saline

Physiologic saline solution, see there.

saline, physiological 

A 0.9% sterile solution of sodium chloride in water. This concentration of sodium chloride is considered approximately isotonic with the tears. It is used to store and rinse soft contact lenses, to irrigate the eye, etc. Syn. normal saline; NaCl 0.9%. See eyewash; irrigation; isotonic solution.


1. agreeing with the regular and established type. When said of a solution, it denotes one containing one chemical equivalent of solute per liter of solution; e.g. a 0.5 normal (0.5 N) solution has a concentration of 0.5 Eq/l. The use of standard units (Eq/l) is now generally preferred in pharmacy and clinical medicine although elsewhere molarity (M) is used.
2. in the context of infectious diseases, not immunized or infected.
3. statistically speaking, the values of a variable which follow a bell-shaped or Gaussian distribution.

normal distribution
see normal distribution.
normal limits
limits of the classification of 'normal' in the results of a test.
normal saline
contains 0.9% sodium chloride. Called also isotonic saline.
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This study showed that surgeon satisfaction was greatest with the use of mannitol as a distending medium for intraoperative evaluation of ureteral patency compared with oral phenazopyridine, intravenous sodium fluorescein, and normal saline distention.
Considering the limitations of the study, we concluded N-acetylcysteine via nebulization through endotracheal tubes in mechanically ventilated patients was not effective more than normal saline nebulization in reducing the density of mucous plugs.
Currently, the balance of evidence is against using normal saline as part of standard clinical practice, [19] but the debate cannot yet be considered closed.
Animals were divided in various groups (n=6) and were administered with normal saline (negative control, 10 ml/kg), ZEO (200, 300 and 400 mg/kg i.
9% normal saline 20 (50%) 20 (50%) 40 (100%) 3% hypertonic saline 39 (97.
Imaging studies document thecal compression following EVE and several studies demonstrate an increase in post-spinal sensory block following epidural injection of normal saline (1,2,4,5).
Comparison of the effect of preoperative administration of Ringer's solution, normal saline and hypertonic saline 5% on postoperative nausea and vomiting: A randomized, double blinded clinical study.
No statistically significant difference existed between the normal saline syringe or infusion flush methods for maintenance of intravenous catheter patency during blood transfusions.
All the teeth were stored in normal saline throughout the study.
Cyclophosphamide served as positive control while normal saline as negative control.