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a town in Saxony where the acid was first prepared.
Nordhausen sulfuric acid - contains sulfurous acid gas in solution. Synonym(s): fuming sulfuric acid
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The six day trip costs PS580, with an additional small fee charged locally for the tours of Colditz, Nordhausen etc.
The MOU was signed by Professor Lawrence Loh, Vice President for Academic Affairs AGU, and Professor Dr Joerg Wagner, President Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.
Al Ghurair University of Dubai (AGU) has signed a MoU with the University of Applied Sciences of Nordhausen (UASN), Germany, for exploring areas of mutual interest in teaching and research.
From there he started at Germany's Ballet Nordhausen before spending five years at Ballet Theatre Munich.
with research and development offices in Nordhausen, Germany.
They employ 30 engineers who worked for well-known IMG Nordhausen (IMG - Institut fE-r Maschinen, Antriebe und elektronische GerEntetechnik GmbH) before.
He participated in the liberation of the Nordhausen concentration camp.
LTC chief executive officer Franz Kruger said he expects the battery, developed by LTC's GAIA Europe Unit in Nordhausen, Germany, to replace other energy storage devices in the next generation of hybrid vehicles.
Wylie THE IDEA OF ORDER AT NORDHAUSEN We walk ourselves sick through this well-ordered garden, the hundreds laid out in rows and ranks, aligned in order, spaced, heads this way, feet that, skeletons in dry tight skin.
Eventually, Arthur found the advancing Americans in the Nordhausen area.
At a personal level, I confess to not having read the Goldhagen book, but feel no need to do so having visited the concentration camp at Nordhausen in April 1945, and having seen conditions with my own eyes.
This is breakthrough technology," said Walter Nordhausen, PhD, Aquasearch director of operations.

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