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a town in Saxony where the acid was first prepared.
Nordhausen sulfuric acid - contains sulfurous acid gas in solution. Synonym(s): fuming sulfuric acid
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That was, in fact,--when, after having long groped one's way up the dark spiral which perpendicularly pierces the thick wall of the belfries, one emerged, at last abruptly, upon one of the lofty platforms inundated with light and air,--that was, in fact, a fine picture which spread out, on all sides at once, before the eye; a spectacle sui generis , of which those of our readers who have had the good fortune to see a Gothic city entire, complete, homogeneous,--a few of which still remain, Nuremberg in Bavaria and Vittoria in Spain,--can readily form an idea; or even smaller specimens, provided that they are well preserved,--Vitré in Brittany, Nordhausen in Prussia.
entered the slave tunnels at Nordhausen." Actually, it was an advance unit of the 3rd Armored Division that entered the town of Nordhausen, the underground rocket factory being a few miles away.
Summary: During a period of three months, five partial deliveries with a total of 1,596 tons were moved from Nordhausen to Ghana, while 80 more construction machines are to be shipped out of Hamburg
125 pieces of machinery and equipment including 15 bulldozers, 20 loaders, 10 excavators, 60 motor graders, and 20 tippers, plus various spare parts, were already delivered from Nordhausen to Ghana.
Feuer Powertain is headquartered in Nordhausen, Germany.
Now the Birmingham War Research Society is organising a six-day trip in August that will visit the dams, as well as Colditz Castle and the Nordhausen rocket factory.
The six-day tour also includes the two Dambuster Dams breached in 1943, Nordhausen underground rocket factory, Rheinberg War Cemetery and the Border Museum near Asbach.
Mittlebrau-Dora was a Nazi concentration camp in Nordhausen, Germany, where slave laborers worked on a rocket-assembly plant.
Only in the last twenty years have they spoken of it to their spouses (my stepmother never knew my father's role at Nordhausen), and only one of the veterans I interviewed has shared his history with his children.
Summary: Al Ghurair University of Dubai (AGU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Applied Sciences of Nordhausen (UASN), Germany which will be the basis for exploring areas of mutual interest in teaching and research.

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