Norberg angle

Norberg angle, Norberg's index

the angle formed by a line connecting the centers of both femoral heads and one drawn between the center of a femoral head and the craniodorsal rim of the acetabulum on the same side. It is a means of assessing hip laxity and is used in the detection of hip dysplasia.
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Preoperative Norberg angle measurements were compared with Norberg angle measurements on ventrodorsal pelvis graphs taken at postoperative 2nd month.
Four measures based on X-ray techniques are used to image and measure canine hips: the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals hip score, PennHip distraction index, dorsolateral subluxation (DLS) score and the Norberg angle.
Quantification of measurement of femoral head coverage and Norberg angle within and among four breeds of dogs.