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Jacqueline A., U.S. pediatric cardiologist, *1921. See: Noonan syndrome.
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Gardai believe Mr Noonan, who had a nine-year-daughter, was beaten to death over an unpaid drug debt.
As district sanitarian for the IHS, CAPT Noonan served on three North Dakota reservations to train tribal members in maintaining and operating water and wastewater systems.
FORMER Great Britain junior international Sam Lees retained his men's singles crown at the North Wales Open tournament at Prestatyn with an avenging straight-sets victory over current North Wales county ace Ian Noonan of Mold.
IN REPLY to the letter of February 10 which said that author Robert Tressell was born Robert Noonan.
Steve Noonan has been named an assistant vice president in the Newark, New Jersey office of Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB).
Dominic Noonan may not cut the figure represented by Bob Hoskins, Vinnie Jones or any of the locked, stocked and smoking company of modern British movie hoods, but he is nevertheless fascinating as the subject of Donal MacIntyre's remarkably intimate "A Very British Gangster." Noonan talks too much, preens too much and simply loves the camera.
Nanette Noonan, a retired teacher, works on an after-school garden at La Paloma Elementary in Fallbrook, Calif.
"We're talking about a whole different class of diseases," says study author Curtis Noonan of the University of Montana in Missoula.
Plenty Porter Brandon Noonan Amulet Books 115 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 0810959968 $16.95
This is Noonan's first novel; Plenty has a distinctive voice and her account of the year is poignant in its innocent retelling of adult events.
Noonan's most recent exploration of the development of doctrine in moral theology that, as Noonan notes, goes untreated by Cardinal Newman (3).