nonulcer dyspepsia

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impairment of the power or function of digestion; usually applied to epigastric discomfort after meals. adj., adj dyspep´tic.
acid dyspepsia dyspepsia associated with excessive acidity of the stomach.
nonulcer dyspepsia dyspepsia in which the symptoms resemble those of peptic ulcer, although no ulcer can be detected. Because many patients with nonulcer dyspepsia have a Helicobacter pylori infection, H. pylori has been suggested as a cause. This has not been proven, however, and many patients still have dyspepsia after antibiotic treatment.

functional dyspepsia

Dyspepsia without endoscopic or histologic evidence of an organic disease to explain the symptoms.

nonulcer dyspepsia

Upper abdominal discomfort, often chronic, in which endoscopy reveals nondiagnostic, or normal, findings.
See also: dyspepsia
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