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adj having no specific space or time boundaries. A characteristic of prayer and healing intention.
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Though Dougherty obliquely criticizes Averroes's view of causality, he doesn't address the relevant aspects of it that have been defended even in our own time by philosophers of science such as Stanley Jaki, namely determinism and contiguity, both of which are severely challenged by the indeterminism and nonlocality of quantum mechanics.
There might be a gradation of the members for nearness towards nonlocality or closeness towards locality.
In contrast, the present account of the nonlocality of meaning does not presuppose such a distinction: it applies to any concept that may occur in the interpretation of observational processes, be it an empirical concept such as "red" or a theoretical concept such as "solar neutrino.
The search for visual models that allow for dynamic mapping is inextricably connected to the attempt to visualize the nonlocality of cyberspace.
Quantum entanglement has played a very important role in quantum information theory; it provides strong tests of quantum nonlocality as well as a useful resource for various kinds of quantum information processing.
The eye of the soul, it seems, can be explained by quantum nonlocality.
According to Dossey, nonlocality is supported by physics, specifically John Stewart Bell's theorem.
In addition to analyzing data to evaluate the success of the application of DMILS on animals by the volunteer, environmental data will be examined for synchronous changes possibly indicating the occurrence of entanglement and nonlocality during this type of psi phenomenon.
Potentially this could implicate a higher-order physicalism free of space-time constraints, compatible with nonlocality and entanglement, which conceivably might help to expose Chalmers' bifurcated "hard problem" analysis of experience as harboring a category error.
Topics include the unification of classical and quantum probability theories, EPR-Bohm and the original EPR experiments, Bell's inequality, interpretations of its violation and loopholes, simulation of EPR-Bohm co-relations in the local realistic approach, nonlocality, contextual probabilistic models, subjective probability and quantum information, quantum logic, and results of recent experiments in quantum information, model theory, discrete time, dynamics, and the philosophic foundations of probability.
91) On this interpretation it amounts to no more than a catch-all substitute for other ideas--uncertainty, chaos, paralogism, quantum nonlocality, the wave/particle dualism, or the limits of precise measurement, to take just a few from Lyotard--all of which supposedly signal the end of science as a rational, truth-seeking enterprise.
The first development is nonlocality, where a pair of particles once in contact but now too far apart to interact or communicate across spaceat least in the older view of science--have been shown to instantaneously behave in ways that are correlated, demonstrating that they are, in some fashion, still connected.