human rights

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human rights, the legal and moral rights recognized by national and international laws.
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Finally, these data underscore the need for efforts by both government and nongovernment organizations to expand support for appropriate healthcare services to sex-trafficked women and girls and to develop comprehensive screening guidelines and treatment programs.
Wilson was deployed to Afghanistan as an IA where he served as the liaison officer between joint coalition forces, several nongovernment organizations and the Afghan Ministry of Public Health.
The bill also urges the government to strengthen cooperation with international organizations and nongovernment organizations to help the families of abductees and assist North Korean refugees.
Farooq asked volunteers and nongovernment organizations to coordinate their activities with Pakistani army units working in the area to get relief and aid to the people as soon as possible.
The unwillingness of the government to consult on contingency planning will make it more difficult for the nongovernment organizations to respond in the event that there is a conflict," said Jim Bishop, director of humanitarian response for InterAction, a coalition of 160 U.
He said the ICFTU also aims to promote the Myanmar issue to university students and nongovernment organizations.
With well selected sites, projects that are coupled with nongovernment organizations as a force multiplier, and execution that is followed up by assessment, the impact of the HCA program on the host nation, and ultimately the United States, is multiplied.
Most of the arrests occurred before the trial of Cuban dissidents or after the demonstrations called by nongovernment organizations.
He said, "keeping in view the clear mismatch in between the resource availability at the disposal of the government as against the prevailing demand in respect of health sector alone, the role of dedicated nongovernment organizations like the this one, is of great importance to mitigate the miseries of the suffering people".
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan Thursday underlined the dedicated role of nongovernment organizations in health sector to mitigate miseries and sufferings of poor and the destitute.
Strategic partnership through enterprises between the government, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), private institutions, and civil society organizations (CSOs) enables the inclusion of the poor in the economic growth.
The conference brought together foundations, financial service providers, bilateral and multilateral agencies, microfinance institutions, international and local nongovernment organizations, and practitioners to highlight the success of savings groups in expanding financial inclusion and creating social cohesion.