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an agency- or government-granted permission issued to a health care professional to engage in a given occupation on finding that the applicant has attained the degree of competency and met educational requirements necessary to ensure that the public health, safety, and welfare are reasonably well-protected.


Authorization by a governmental or other regulatory agency that allows a person, group of persons, or enterprise to carry out a particular activity; the certificate itself. See Revoked license, Unrestricted license.


n certificate required to practice a professional healing approach.


, licence (līsĕns)
Legal permission given to professional to practice in specific fields according to rules and regulations of a jurisdiction.
[L. licentia, fr. licet, it is permitted]
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If the customer base will include entities other than the government, it may be acceptable to Company X to have the government fund the actual reduction to practice and retain the nonexclusive license, since the other entities will have to pay Company X to make (or have made), use, sell, or offer to sell the widget.
The firm's patent portfolio continues to grow in industrial applications for Halloysite materials, which are available under either exclusive or nonexclusive licenses.
Takara Bio and MolMed have signed a licensing agreement whereby Takara Bio can exclusively commercialize MolMed's HSV-TK gene therapy in Asia and MolMed retains nonexclusive licenses for Takara's RetroNectin technology in Europe and the US.
The GET program offers flexible, nonexclusive licenses with manageable fees and fractional royalties based on fields of use.
The Institute has issued two nonexclusive licenses on the process.