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The noncompete clause was removed allowing WYOs to sell primary flood insurance that in the past competed with the NFIP product.
(quoting an Amazon spokeswoman saying that Amazon would remove the noncompete clause for hourly associates).
English common law, frowning on noncompete clauses, deemed them per se invalid because they imposed personal hardship on both employees and the public.
Summary: Noncompete clauses in employment contracts can be risky, and even law firms that use them find themselves fighting over what the wording means and how ...
Seeking the advice of an experienced contract attorney before signing a noncompete clause can save doctors significant time, money, and heartache in the long run, Mr.
anchor tenant and a landlord agree that a noncompete clause will run
Schroeder added that Sylvan's franchise agreement with Noland contains "a noncompete clause," which he said would prevent her from offering competing tutoring services locally for two years.
Peter Duke founded Smartwool, sold Smartwool, and got back into the sock business with Point 6 in 2008 when his noncompete clause came to an end.
While Swartz signed a noncompete clause, the agreement did carve out a specific exception, that it should not restrict him from "non-commercial activity, either by himself or with, for, or on behalf of any other person or entity, including, without limitation, any corporate social responsibility activity or charitable or philanthropic activity."
Why hire an individual who has been restrained by a noncompete clause in his contract?