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Self-inflicted physical harm, such as cutting, that is not suicidal and is usually a response to stress or trauma. Also called self-harm, self-mutilation.


n the act of intentionally hurting oneself. One manifestation of this is known as
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1) Similar to non-fatal suicide-related behaviours, (2) self-harm encompasses suicide attempts as well as non-suicidal self-injury.
More recently, public health approaches have been applied to education in the form of a three-tiered model of prevention and intervention (Shinn & Walker, 2010), where it has been used to address a variety of problems in schools, including academic problems (Martinez & Nellis, 2008), aggression and bullying (Swearer, Espelage, Brey Love, & Kingsbury, 2008), substance abuse problems (Burrows-Sanchez & Hawken, 2007), child poverty (Miller & Sawka-Miller, 2009), depression (Mazza & Reynolds, 2008), non-suicidal self-injury (Miller & Brock, 2010), and youth suicidal behavior (Miller, 2011; Miller et al.
Nonsuicidal self-injury does not count as suicidal behavior under this definition, but having one or more acts of non-suicidal self-injury is not incompatible with the diagnosis.
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