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Medical education The recognition by one jurisdiction–eg, a state, of the validity of certificates and licenses–eg, to practice medicine issued by another jurisdiction
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A mutual agreement between two U.S. states whereby each agrees to grant a license to practice medicine to any person licensed by the other state.
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Moreover, if the preferences had been such a failure it would be hard to understand why African governments insist that the old model should be retained, as well as the fact that the EU itself proposed to continue non-reciprocal preferences for the worst-off economies (the LDCs) rather than submit them to the reciprocal trade rules of the EPAs (Faber & Orbie, 2009).
There is also a possibility that during coding, potential reciprocal communications were coded as non-reciprocal because of the high standard set for collaborative language.
So those in Africa's garment-making sector can breathe easier for the moment, but what happens after 2015 is still cloudy, although a persistent niggle is that the US is becoming skittish at non-reciprocal trade arrangements.
The EU relies on this Article to argue that the WTO outlaws non-reciprocal, preferential trade to Africa under the Cotonou Agreement.
Before the 1995 Barcelona Conference that launched the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), the main content of EU-Mediterranean relations had been commercial, with the EU granting preferential, non-reciprocal access to most industrial goods coming from the region.
Experimental induction and termination of non-reciprocal reproductive incompatibilities in a parahaploid mite.
He went on to say that this treaty, as it is currently written, is non-reciprocal in the area of defense and security.
The colonizing gaze is non-reciprocal, insofar as the traveler looks into the eyes of the native, eyes that s/he does not perceive as looking back.
Sometimes nonprofits whack others with a non-reciprocal fee of as much as $20/m, if another organization rents a list but does not make its own list available.
They examine such facets of the issue as quantifying the value of US tariff preferences for developing countries, Japan's generalized system of preferences, multilateral solutions to the erosion of non-reciprocal preferences in non-agricultural market access, the Doha development agenda and preference erosion, and trade preferences for apparel and the role of rules of origin as exemplified in Africa.
The stripline junction circulator is a unique three-port non-reciprocal microwave junction used to connect a single antenna to both a transmitter and a receiver.
GSP is a vital tool of our pro-development EU trade policy."The GSP is a trade arrangement through which the EU provides non-reciprocal preferential access to the EU market for developing countries and territories.

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