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If non-human animals had rights, they would have obligations to other (interest-bearing) beings.
Let me end by asking: In what sense is the identity of the non-human animal really reducible to the sum of what the human has done to it?
As indicated in Markus' analysis of the mono-functionalism of science, above, the second meaning is post-metaphysical in that it explicitly posits that it is we who construct, intersect, disturb, shape and transform Nature, and thus the non-human animal world.
Humane education movements, which began in the early-nineteenth century, were meant to improve society generally by stopping human cruelty first to non-human animals and then to one another, and it was aimed at children as the shapers of the future.
One study investigated the role of delay discounting in determining the probability of future drug use in non-human animals (Perry, Larson, German, Madden, & Carroll, 2005).
The difference between human minds and other non-human animal minds is, then, one of degree, not of kind.
This portfolio is exclusively licensed to Start for all non-human animal cloning applications.
The need for mothers to care for their sons into adulthood explains why killer whales have evolved the longest post-reproductive lifespan of any non-human animal," Dr Dan Franks said.
Pittsboro, NC) announced the issuance of a patent that broadly claims methods for immunizing a human or non-human animal against an antigen by administering an antibody produced by transgenic plants.
In mid-2005, Geron and Exeter established a joint venture company, Start Licensing, to manage and license intellectual property rights for animal reproductive technologies, and exclusively licensed their rights in Roslin patent applications to Start in the non-human animal field.
In a second aspect of the decision of the Board of Patent Appeals and Interference ruled against ACT and in favor of Geron on other motions relating to the cloning of non-human animal embryos and CICM cells.
Under the terms of the settlement, ACT and the University dismissed their appeals with prejudice, and transferred control of related University patents and patent applications in the non-human animal field to Start, and ACT paid certain legal fees.