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Oncology in situ Referring to a (premalignant) neoplasm—usually understood to be epithelial—which has not extended beyond the basement membrane
Surgery Non-interventional Referring to therapy in which the integrity of mucocutaneous barriers is not violated
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Non-interventional adjective Referring to therapy in which the integrity of mucocutaneous barriers is not violated. Cf Invasive.
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A procedure that does not penetrate the body.
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Innovative treatment for nasal packing, embolization and warm water irrigation are a few non-interventional surgeries.
This Phase 3 study had two consecutive parts: Part A is the randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind interventional phase to assess efficacy and safety; and Part B is the non-interventional phase with follow-up at 12 and 24 months after the end of study treatment to evaluate developmental progress.
END-DM1 (Establishing Biomarkers and Clinical Endpoints in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1) is a non-interventional study sponsored by the Myotonic Dystrophy Clinical Research Network (DMCRN), a network of medical centers that aims to support future clinical trials of potential therapies for DM1 through the standardisation of testing methods.
Dr Tamer Taha, consultant non-interventional cardiologist immediately advised for specific medication to restore blood pressure and to transfer the patient for urgent coronary angiography.
Dr Tamer Taha, consultant non-interventional cardiologist, advised for specific medication to restore blood pressure and to transfer the patient immediately for urgent coronary angiography.
5% and 2.4% respectively.21,22 Similarly, a study from Senegal showed remarkable reduction in loss to follow up rate among interventional program (5.5%) as compared to non-interventional program (16.8%) and this was achieved via improved patient counseling, communication, decentralization of treatment, patient's choice of DOTS support.23 In a study from Karachi, Pakistan, loss to follow up rate among patients with drug susceptible TB was 14.2% without intervention as compared to loss to follow up rate of 8.2% in a study from Peshawar Pakistan without intervention.17,24
Jovin is considered an expert in the interventional and non-interventional treatment for the entire spectrum of stroke and cerebrovascular disorders.
20 hypertensive subjects were assigned to the study (ANB) group who practiced ANB exercises and 20 to non-interventional (control) group who do not do any breathing exercise, randomly using a randomization sequence generated in Microsoft Excel.
It was reported yesterday that the company has taken this decision based on recent findings derived from a non-interventional human study using a clinically validated CANscript platform.
After the completion of the primary evaluation period, participants enter a longer-term, non-interventional follow-up period, which will continue for up to two years after the initial dose.
Its unrivalled body of work includes clinical research and real-world outcomes portfolios, activity and biometric monitoring work, non-interventional studies, linked and fused data, and epidemiology and ethnographic studies.

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