Non Economic Damages

A money sum intended to compensate an injured party or its estate for injuries and losses that are not easily quantified, which covers the family of victims who have died due to medical or other negligence, or severely injured victims
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The amount represents $105,000 in past and future medical bills and $200,000 for non economic damages, including pain and suffering.
295) The court concluded that Adams was unconstitutional and reversed the judgment that reduced the non economic damages with regard to section 538.
In 2003, Donald Palmisano, then President of the American Medical Association and a physician from Louisiana with a law degree, testified before Congress calling for the enactment of federal legislation patterned after MICRA including a $250,000 cap on non economic damages.
The verdict included $3,000,000 for non economic damages and $1,300,000 for economic damages.
It also seeks $750,000 in non economic damages to compensate then for loss of his "love, society and companionship.
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