Georges, 20th-century French optic inventor. See: Nomarski optics.
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Differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy was invented in the 1950s by Georges Nomarski (Nomarski, 1960).
For an accurate observation of increments in the nonpigmented border of the LWS, both episcopic UV light and transmitted light with Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC) were used.
ICSI was performed using an 1X71-Olympus inverted microscope with Nomarski optics (IX7101ympus, Tokyo, Japan).
Hooklets on the first 2 rows (Figure 1, panels A, B) were counted by using an Olympus BX 51 microscope with brightfield and Nomarski DIC optics (Olympus Corp.
We visualized neurons under infrared light using Nomarski optics of an upright microscope (Zeiss Axioskop 2; Carl Zeiss Microimaging, Thornwood, NY) equipped with a CCD-100 camera (Dage-MTI, Michigan City, IN).
1995, Comparison of petrogenetic processes between the West Valley Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge and the adjacent Heck Chain of seamounts: Detailed electron microprobe study and Nomarski interference imaging of plagioclase: Canadian Mineralogist, v.
sing a couple of inexpensive add-on parts, the lensless microscope can also be converted into a differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope, also known as a Nomarski microscope.
Morphological analysis and measurements were performed using the Zeiss Axiovert 135 optical microscope equipped with Nomarski interference contrast, and the scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
De aqui deriva que, la evaluacion morfologica o estructural del espermatozoide hace enfasis en la valoracion de la integridad de su membrana plasmatica (MP) y acrosomal (MA), pudiendo en algunas casos evaluarlas juntas o por separado realizando tinciones sencillas y observando con un microscopio optico, observando mediante el uso de optica de contraste diferencial de interferencia o Nomarski, o utilizando microscopia electronica de transmision o de barrido.
Using fluorescence and Nomarski microscopy, worms with disabled PMK-1 pathways (rendering them defenseless) were observed for visible signs of PCD.
The spermatopositor of a male paratype was examined with a compound microscope with Nomarski Interference Contrast optics, and measured with an ocular micrometer.
Nikon also provides imaging solutions for Nomarski differential interference contrast, Hoffman modulation contrast, darkfield and phase contrast that are easily mountable on the Ti-E.