Georges, 20th-century French optic inventor. See: Nomarski optics.
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Light microscopy--The fixed larvae were mounted between glass slides and cover slips and observed under an Olympus BX 51 light microscope, using bright field and differential (or Nomarski) interference contrast (DIC), coupled to an Olympus DP12 digital camera.
Seguidamente fueron identificados a nivel de familia o genero utilizando un microscopio compuesto Olympus BX53 con contraste interferencial Nomarski hasta una magnificacion de 400X.
Nomarski observation indicated visible pathogenic symptoms after 12 hours of exposure to B.
The sections were observed with an Olympus DP70 digital camera mounted on a Leica DMR microscope with Nomarski optics (Leica, Heerbrugg, Switzerland).
If there were symbiotic chlorococci being harbored in an observed endodermal epithelial cell, we would also count the number of algae in the cell, under a Nomarski differential interference microscope (NISSR, Nikon).
The final, Phase 4 microscope, the CardyScope, included the listed features as well as light polarizers, Nomarski prisms, and water immersion objectives to allow for differential interference contrast (DIC) imaging of rodent brain tissue slices and neurons for in vitro anatomical and electrophysiological experiments.
OHCs were costained using anti-GLUT-4 antibodies and di-8-ANEPPS: (a) GLUT-4 staining; (b) di-8-ANEPPS staining; (c) merged image; (d) high magnification; (e) Nomarski image.
However, optical microscopy with Nomarski contrast is also very useful (Figure 3).
Differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy was invented in the 1950s by Georges Nomarski (Nomarski, 1960).
Qualitative decrease in mitochondrial activity in differentiated mature adipocytes treated with RSV, using the differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy, also known as Nomarski.