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AstraZeneca has seen its Zestril drug hit by generic competition since July while Prilosec was affected from early December and Nolvadex will be hit from February.
Zeneca's tamoxifen -- labeled as either Nolvadex or the generic sold by Barr -- is the only tamoxifen available.
Special Considerations: In the study that led to the approval, the side effects of Nolvadex in women with DCIS were similar to those in other trials of Nolvadex and included hot flashes and vaginal discharge.
Soon after the trial results were released, Zeneca applied to the FDA for approval to market Nolvadex for breast cancer prevention.
AstraZeneca has seen Zestril hit by generic competition since July while Prilosec was affected from December and Nolvadex will be hit from February.
The makers of tamoxifen, marketed under the brand name Nolvadex, acknowledge several side effects: increased fertility (but warn against using oral contraceptives because they can change the effects of the drug), blurred vision, confusion, pain or swelling in legs, shortness of breath, vaginal bleeding, insomnia, hot flashes, headaches, itching in genital area, nausea, vomitting, weight gain and skin rash.
Drug resistance: There remains a significant need to improve current therapies where drug resistance develops against cytotoxic and hormonal therapies; for example, between 25-35% of patients develop resistance to Nolvadex (tamoxifen).
He believed the expected cost savings could offset the shorfalls in profit over the years 2001-2002 as patents expire on Losec and on Zeneca's Zestril and Nolvadex.
9 Global Revenues ($m) of Aromatase Inhibitors and Nolvadex 2002-2007
Other tests in the program assist in either the safe dosing or efficacy of drugs such as Coumadin (warfarin), Plavix (clopidogrel), Nolvadex (tamoxifen), Ziagen (abacavir) and Selzentry (maraviroc), as well as Home Biometric Testing for diabetes.
An FDA advisory panel said tamoxifen, sold as Nolvadex by British-based Zeneca Group Plc, could reduce the risk of breast cancer in the short term in women who might be predisposed to get it.
For medications generally dispensed through PBM services, the target medications will include: Imuran, Nolvadex, Plavix, Tabloid, Tegretol, and Ziagen.