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the level of the noise floor would impair systems using such receivers.
In this case, a second trace showing a 1-kHz tone and the DAC noise floor is plotted, scaled so that the sine peak corresponds to the noise peak.
Once again, the real world gives us an acceptable basis to accommodate UWB: billions of devices all around us are constantly radiating energy into the noise floor with no appreciable effect, and no one is suggesting that these devices not be permitted as a result.
Mean DPOAEs recorded in this condition did not differ significantly from the associated noise floor (p[greater than]0.
However, as the gain of the analog chain is reduced, the noise floor contribution from the ADC increases and must be considered in overall system design.
So, if you compare noise floor characteristics at each scope's most sensitive V/div setting, you may be comparing a lower-bandwidth scope against a higher-bandwidth scope.
At any given frequency between DC and 5GHz the demonstrated energy of the pulse is beneath the noise floor, hence offering peaceful co-existence with cattier technologies.
With the industry's lowest normalized PLL noise floor (-231 dBc/Hz) and the highest phase-detector frequency (400 MHz), the device enables a very low integrated noise of 47 fs RMS jitter and meets the low noise floor requirements for clocking high-speed data converters
This accessory lowers the noise floor of the RF channel, enabling engineers to see low-level signals without reducing the dynamic range.
The company asserts the ADC's dynamic performance of -147 dBm/Hz noise floor, 52 dB noise power ratio (NPR) and -61 dBFS intermodulation distortion (IMD) enables a new generation of software-defined radio (SDR) architectures and applications.
If a closed loop analysis is done on such a design, it can be seen that the signal level at the resonator output, and hence the absolute noise level, is pushed way down closer to the thermal noise floor.