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the extent that it operates under the noise floor and creates no
In five of these seven ears, DPOAE amplitudes were significantly above the noise floor at 500 Hz, 750 Hz, and 1 kHz and below the noise floor at the higher frequencies.
Another worry suggests that the cumulative effect of wide scale proliferation of UWB devices would have a cumulative effect on the noise floor and raise it to an unacceptable level.
In order to establish whether DPOAEs were detectable in each perforation condition, we adopted a criterion threshold of 3 dB above the noise floor.
The noise floor in a 30-Hz to 15-kHz noise bandwidth should be at least 60 dB below 0 Vu with all equipment in the signal chain adjusted for normal operation.
With a noise floor of -170 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz, the SLC has the lowest phase noise of any synthesizer in a compact, low cost package.
The patented mounting design of the ILM system incorporates a rigid structure that provides the low noise floor needed to obtain nanometer resolution.
Each pulse, when applied through a Fourier Transform formula, can be shown to exist simultaneously across an extensive band of frequencies; however, the distributed energy of the pulse at any given frequency exists in the noise floor.
Test data is analyzed to determine loop length, cable balance, and noise floor (metallic noise).
Until now, available bit error rate testers have been unable to generate the requisite degree of impairments with a low enough jitter noise floor to perform these tasks effectively.
The OX-205 Ultra Low Noise OCXO achieves a -178dBc/Hz phase noise floor in 25.
Incorporating new ultra-low noise amplifiers with a 900nV input referred noise floor, the devices are the first ANC speaker drivers to produce no audible high-frequency hiss when paired with low-noise microphones.